Procedure and Fee


Mentoring sessions are held over the phone, internet call, video conference, or in person.

We can meet at a park, at a local tea shop, or a space you feel comfortable with.

Procedure & Schedule

Your engagement in the program:

  • Starts with a free 15-minute consultation

This is where we get acquainted, for you to see if this style of training is appropriate for you, as well as discuss the possibilities of future mentoring sessions.

  • A 3-month commitment, with a one-hour session per week

This commitment allows you to have a dedicated period of time to engage in life practice and have the chance for us to see your progress and concrete results. (Of course you are free to cancel early if you find the mentoring relationship is not a good fit.)

  • Continuing mentoring and life practice

After the first 3 months, your schedule of sessions can be adjusted according to your own situation—to either once every 7, 14 or even 30 days. The arrangement of your schedule can be flexible, according to your needs. We’ll continue to work together to refine your life practice.

Time Frame

The mentoring time frame can be set for a short or mid-length term, or can be an ongoing process of guidance, regarding the continuing refinement of your “life practice“.

Basically, you can train with me for a few months or for many years.


$100 per session, paid upfront at the beginning of each month:

e.g. $400 for 4 sessions/month

See here for payment methods