Principle, Method, and Style


A healthy, meaningful life is based on the quality of the state of our mind. With a stable and clear mind, we have a sense of inner strength and ability to positively affect change in our environment, rather than be negatively affected by it.

Yet in order to develop a stable and clear state of mind, we need to understand our current condition and what makes it unstable and unclear. We need to make adjustments and adaptations to our lifestyle—how we use our body and our environment.

This is a process of discovery and organization on all levels—mental, physiological, and physical. With an organized and well-used body-mind-environment, we can find that our life becomes fulfilling not only for ourselves but for the greater society.  But to achieve such a condition, it takes practice—what I call “life practice”.


The approach that I will introduce to you in mentoring sessions is “life practice,” a complete reordering and restructuring of life on many levels.  It is referred to as a practice of harmonization, where you’ll learn to balance the various aspects of body, mind, diet, sleep, exercise, and overall lifestyle.

Firstly, these methods focus on helping you discover your obstructive views and habits of behavior. Then you train to develop stability and clarity of mind, as well as re-adjust your perspectives and actions to align with your own innate ability for skillful awareness. This is done primarily through meditation and mentoring sessions.

Secondly, you’ll learn supplementary practices such as journaling, writing, and creative exercises that utilize arts such as music and drawing to assist further with self-introspection.

Thirdly, you learn methods of organization, time management, communication, planning, creativity, diet, sleep, exercise and overall health and well-being.

Finally, you’ll learn how to match your own abilities, talents, and interests with the needs of society. With this knowledge, you can find a meaningful path in life and make a positive contribution to society.

Depending on your situation, these methods may be approached simultaneously, or in various orders.

Unique Style:

My style of mentoring is unique in that is based on my own experience as a Buddhist monk for 11 years, a retreat center director for 6 years, and now as a teacher engaged in everyday life.

My experience with both Western and Eastern culture allows me the insights to adapt to people’s various backgrounds, habits, and personalities. A special treat is that I utilize my talents in music and art to lead you in fun exercises that help you have insights into yourself.

Essentially, my mentoring is a kind of guidance and training, which helps you to find your own answers through direct experience, rather than me giving them to you in words. I assist you with your own ongoing “life practice”.

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