My Clients

My clients include people of various ages, races, genders, sexual orientations, and backgrounds, looking for guidance on:

  • The way to make a healthy change in life
  • The way to wisely deal with the change that they are facing

For example, I mentor clients who are are:

  • Looking for a way to deal with the stress and anxiety of everyday life
  • Wanting to find balance in managing affairs of work, family life, and socialization
  • Wishing that they could develop more meaningful and harmonious relationships with others
  • Troubled by more deep-seated emotional afflictions and unhealthy lifestyle habits
  • Hoping to improve their practice of seated meditation as well as mindfulness in daily life
  • Searching for a meaningful direction in life

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The Need for a Mentor

We need someone to deeply listen to us and help reflect back on ourselves. A mentor’s role is not to give answers but to provide us with consistent guidance on using a method that helps us discover our own answers. The method I provide is life practice.