Life practice is unique in that it helps you…

  1. Find your own answers
    •  Some coaching and mentoring may consist of the mentor merely telling you what to do, promise a quick fix, or help you to plan every step of your life. Life practice, on the other hand, requires that you do the work and that you make your own discoveries, while the mentor serves as your guide, closely observing and leading you.
  2. Find fulfillment in the present moment
    • It’s not a matter of finding fulfillment in the future by acquiring something, but a matter of re-discovering what you have right here–innate calm and clarity of mind, and the ability to appreciate and enjoy your life right now.
  3. Find meaning in life direction, not in achieving goals
    • Through calm and clear presence, you’ll discover your abilities as well as the needs of others. You find meaning and passion for living and doing, not merely achieving goals. Achieving individual goals are just an ongoing part of fulfilling your process of living mindfully, skillfully, and insightfully. In this way, your life becomes a contribution to society.
  4. Utilize the creative arts to help you rediscover yourself
    • By engaging your senses and emotions with the arts, it allows you to discover things about yourself that would be difficult otherwise through more rational or mechanical means