The Methodology of life practice consists of two major parts: mentoring sessions and lifework

I. Mentoring Sessions

The major part of my role as the life mentor is to be present for you in the mentoring sessions. By listening closely, reflecting, and asking questions to you, I serve as a mirror that helps you to see yourself better.

Our dialogue creates a space for you to discover your own condition and understand its causes. Then I then use my observation and experience to provide you with the proper guidance, methods, and encouragement.

II. Homework/Lifework

The major part of your role is to engage in the methods that I present to you, applying them in your daily life. They include:

  1. Harmonizing your Emotions
    • Stable emotions foster a calm and clear mind, which is the basis from which you can see your whole life situation more clearly, allowing you to work with it
      • method: sitting, walking meditation, etc.
  1. Harmonizing your perspective
    • A wholesome view on life brings skillfulness and consideration for others to your everyday activity
      • method: re-evaluation of concepts and ideas
  1. Harmonizing your body
    • A proper diet, appropriate amount of sleep, and wholesome daily activity allows you to function in a healthy and comfortable manner
      • method: suggested exercises, diets, and daily life habits
  1. Harmonizing your environment
    • An organized environment leads to efficient and comfortable daily activity
      • method: organization, planning, and time management techniques
  1. Harmonizing your relationships 
    • Once you know yourself better, you’ll be able to more skillfully interact with others, and naturally be more capable of caring for their needs.
      • method: techniques for deep communication

During mentoring sessions, I will guide you through these methods step-by-step, and help you to make adjustments to your approach where necessary. Depending on your situation, these methods may be approached simultaneously, or in various orders.

Supplementary Practices

You’ll also learn supportive practices such as journaling, writing, as well as creative exercises that utilize arts such as music and drawing to assist further with self-introspection.


Through continuous mentoring and utilization of these methods, you’ll find balance within your body, mind, and environment, and naturally discover your deepest aspiration in life.

You’ll learn how to match your own abilities, talents, and interests with the needs of society. With this knowledge, you can find a meaningful path in life and make a positive contribution to society.