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I provide one-to-one mentoring that focuses on helping you to:

  • Find a meaningful life direction
  • Enjoy your career
  • Balance your lifestyle
  • Harmonize your personal relationships
  • Calm and clear your mind

By engaging in mindful living based on the concrete methods I present to you, you can find a healthy and joyful lifestyle nourished by your own insights through “life practice.”

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I provide mentoring in either English or Mandarin Chinese


I am a Life Mentor


For the past 15 years, I have trained in the Chan/Zen tradition of meditation and mindful way of life. For 11 of those years I had been a monk, living a life of discipline and service and mentoring people along their path of self-exploration. I’ve traveled around the world and studied closely with Zen masters, leading and engaging in numerous meditation retreats, group coaching, and one-on-one mentoring (life coaching). (More about me…)

Based on the Chan/Zen model, I have developed a method of training and mentoring called “life practice”. I gave it this name because I believe that any real positive transformation in one’s life requires a complete adjustment of all aspects of living–from our mental state to the way we relate to others and our environment.

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To make an appointment for a free consultation, or to ask questions about “life practice”, email me at:


With an initial consultation over the phone, I can answer your questions about the mentoring process, so that you can feel at ease in making a well-informed decision.

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