Life Practice

What is Life Practice?

“Life practice” is an approach to harmonizing all aspects of your lifestyle, based on the principles of Chan/Zen meditation and mindfulness in combination with life skills of management, organization, communication, and planning.

It is a product of my own experience of previously living as a Chan/Zen monk and retreat center manager, and now serving as a mentor, mental health counselor (LP), teacher, writer, amateur musician, and lecturer.

The efficacy of life practice relies on the relationship between the mentor and you. The mentor provides you the space to communicate openly, reflects back to you your own ideas, and gives you the guidance to discover your ability to live with skillfulness and consideration for others.

The Benefits of Life Practice

By engaging in this practice you can discover on a deep level:

  1. What are your strengths and weaknesses, and how to harness your strengths
  2. What are your abilities, talents, and interests
  3. What is your  deepest yearning in life, and how to engage in something that manifests this personal aspiration
  4. What are the needs of society that you can contribute most to

In short, engaging in life practice is a process of discovery and re-adjustment on all levels—mental, physiological, and physical. With an organized and well-used body-mind-environment, you will find that your life becomes fulfilling not only for yourself but for the greater society.

But to achieve such a condition takes discipline, practice, and guidance from a mentor.