Mindful Music

Feel free to browse my Soundcloud page, which contains various kinds of mindful music. It’s “mindful” music in that it was created with a calm and clear mind, fully aware of the process of creation.

It can also serve as an aid for meditation, helping you to settle and relax yourself. As to how to listen mindfully, please see my article on music and meditation (coming soon).

There are also some tracks that you may enjoy listening to, simply to appreciate the sounds.


Snow Storm in the City  A short tune, recording in New York City, during a snow storm in February 2017. Some say listening to it sounds like the music of snow falling.

An Adaptation of Bach’s “Bouree”  This is my own adaptation of Bach’s famous classical guitar piece, part of the Lute Suite in E Minor – BWV 996. It’s a more relaxed, slowed down version of the original, which had an upbeat dance-rhythm.

City Bird Spring  A simple tune, improvised on a classical guitar. Intended to be meditative, the piece evolved naturally. Inspired by Spring in New York City, where the birds can not be heard so well, but they are there.

Flowing On   A tune I wrote for a friend, who’s father passed away. It refers to the fact that death is not an end, just a change of state in the continuous process of life.

All Listening  This is a live track, recorded at Penn State University a couple of years ago. A handful of student musicians and I did a meditation followed by improvisation. This was the first song. We didn’t plan anything besides having the intent to really listen to each other and play together. To facilitate this, we played as softly as we could to start. It’s a very gentle and fluid sound.

Wonderful Rain  This is a song I wrote based on the dripping of rain off a lattice. It’s basically an improvisation based on one chord, with underlying chord changes. Soft and suitable for meditation.

For more, see my page on Soundcloud

Above Photo by Taylor Mitchell