Blind Spots

We all have “blind spots”, often troublesome aspects about about our character that we do not see.

Our habits of reacting to situations are so deeply ingrained, and they manifest so quickly, that we don’t even notice them. Of course, then we wouldn’t notice if they are troublesome or not.

For example, we may have such a strong opinion, that we very quickly negate someone else’s ideas. “No way, that’s not possible.” Unknowingly, we close our own mind to possibility, and close out communication with others.

Sometimes it takes another person pointing out our blind spots for us to even notice. Such a¬†good friend with a clear mind is a wonderful support for our own practice, yet we cannot depend on them. They won’t be there to remind us all the time, and they cannot see our most subtle blind spots.

So it’s essential that we have a method of introspection that’s suitable for our character, which allows us to turn the mirror towards these blind spots.

Only then can we take steps to resolve our problems, and see clearly.

Photo by Taylor Mitchell