Opening Up

After a winter of spending most of our days indoors, we may feel isolated. Along with the sense of isolation could be a physical sense of lethargy. Our body feels weak and our mind feels cloudy. Due to this physical and mental isolation, we may develop a mild depression.

What is a good method to deal with this condition?

Regardless of the weather, it’s good to get out. Even if we have nothing to do, we can just go outside and take a walk. Walk for an hour or more. Relax physically and mentally, and walk at an easy-going pace.

spring in graveyardOpen up the senses. Take in fully whatever is seen, heard, or felt. There’s no need to think about what we experience. Just stay present with whatever is at hand, and don’t add any commentary. Be like a walking mirror, or better yet, a globe-shaped mirror–that’s transparent. Yet, resist the temptation to look here and there in a distracted manner. Just relax the eyes and either look downward at the path you’re walking, or just look ahead in the general forward direction.

Let everything flow without interfering with it. This means to be aware of things without grasping on to or rejecting them. Our mind naturally reflects things as they appear.

Opening up to the world in this way, we open up ourselves and reconnect. Our mind opens up to experience, and we sense a true relationship with our surroundings. Our body opens up and receives fresh air and is energized by the movement of walking. We become enlivened by the simple act of walking mindfully, walking with full awareness.

Afterwards, go and have some tea. Have a chat with a stranger.

At every moment is the chance to share the joy of life with oneself or others. It depends merely on our openness of mind.